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How Ghost handles fonts.

May 20, 2014 at 6:16 PM
OK, Josip straightened me out so I understood how to make sure I'm using the x64 DLL. Now I have another problem.
I'm using GhostScript to convert a .PDF file to a PostScript (.PS) file.
Currently we have version 9.07 made into an "x32" DLL. It works great. Compiling it to x64 makes a DLL that is a little smaller and creates no output file when run.
If you make a .PS file from a PDF file using the "x32" DLL and then use ps2pdf.bat it creates a PDF file. Open that PDF file, look at File->Properties and under the Fonts tab, it will show the same fonts as are shown in the source PDF file. Looking at the .PS file with a text editor you can see "Font" statements.
The trouble is that when using the ver9.14 x64 DLL, it looks like the .PS file is a raster image. No Font statements can be found in it and when you convert the .PS file to .PDF, the Properties do not show any fonts.
I used the -sFONTPATH switch. It didn't help (It also crashed a couple times -100 error)

So, why is it making an image (if it is) or why is it not including the Fonts? Any ideas why the x64 version I am compiling has no output? In the Spiderman Movie, why did she have to die? Godzilla was really good and he didn't need to smear anyone important.

Thanks much, Mike

These are the switches I used. This is in the GhostScript.Net.Samples project.
            gsArgs.Add(@"-sFONTPATH=" + System.Environment.GetFolderPath(System.Environment.SpecialFolder.Fonts));
            //gsArgs.Add(@"-sOutputFile=" + ((AddParams)data).m_outputname);
            gsArgs.Add(@"-sOutputFile=" + outputPath);
            gsArgs.Add("-dNumRenderingThreads=" + Environment.ProcessorCount.ToString());

May 21, 2014 at 8:27 AM
It's not clear to me what are you trying to do. Could you post PDF or PS file you are trying to convert and exact parameters that you use?

I think this has nothing to do with Ghostscript.NET ( wrapper ) and it's more native Ghostscript question. If that's a case, I would suggest you to ask this question on the Ghostscript IRC channel. ( (server: , room: #ghostscript