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Ghostscript.NET v.1.1.7.

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Released: Apr 29, 2014
Updated: Apr 29, 2014 by josip
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Release Notes

  • implemented Ghostscript native library verification with a friendly error message that will clear out the confusion when used native Ghostscript library is not compatibile with the running process.
  • fixed the pipe client handle disposal bug when the GhostscriptPipedOutput is used.
  • fixed problem with the applying PDF page orientation for the GhostscriptViewer and the GhostscriptRasterizer.

  • simplified GetInstalledVersions and GetLastInstalledVersion functions
  • fixed problem with the CropBox in the GhostscriptViewer and GhostscripRasterizer (reported by "mahbuburrahman").
  • license changed to AGPL

  • fixed the default cropping to the BoundingBox problem for the EPS file format in the GhostscriptViewer and GhostscriptRasterizer (reported by "midora").
  • exposed GhostscriptViewer.EPSClip and GhostscriptRasterizer.EPSClip properties with a default value set to true (affects only EPS format).
  • fixed problem with the paths that contains diacritics (reported by "GambitRicky")
  • added GhostscriptProcessor.Started and GhostscriptProcessor.Completed events (requested by "Ray H.").
  • all methods that works with MemoryStream are changed to use a generic Stream type (suggested by "midora").

  • fixed problem with applying GraphicsAlphaBits and TextAlphaBits which improved antialiasing in GhostscriptViewer and GhostscriptRasterizer.
  • fixed problem with output through main stderr callback handler.
  • added support for MemoryStream in the GhostscriptPdfInfo.GetInkCoverage method.
  • added GraphicsAlphaBits and TextAlphaBits properties in GhostscriptViewer and GhostscriptRasterizer so antialiasing can now be changed from the outside...

  • added GhostscriptPdfInfo.GetInkCoverage function which has ability to return ink coverage for the CMYK inks, separately for each single page (for RGB colors, it does a silent conversion to CMYK color space internally). This function can be used to check if the pdf is grayscale or color.
  • fixed problem with opening MemoryStream EPS files which contains "EPS Preview Header" (reported by "Chanan Eli")
  • fixed problem with empty %%BoundingBox value when handling PostScript files (thanks to by "Shane_S")
  • fixed problem with rasterizing EPS files created with Adobe Illustrator (reported by "Chanan Eli")
  • fixed problem with retrieving exported function handle in DynamicNativeLibrary noticed on the Server 2012 R2 with large amount of memory (thanks to "antonyoni")
  • assembly is now signed with a strong name key (requested by "netmajor")

  • fixed GhostscriptPipedOutput.Data property get accesor in order to prevent a race condition. (thanks to "Marc Klenotic").
  • added GhostscriptPipedOutput class as part of the Ghostscript.NET library.
  • fixed GhostscriptException error code text message resolving.
  • implemented better methods parameters checking and exception handling.
  • changed ImageMemoryHelper class from public to internal.
  • implemented opening files represented as MemoryStream from GhostscriptRasterizer and GhostscriptViewer. (that was some users request although there is no point of passing PDF as MemoryStream (or byte array) as it will anyway end up on the disk before it will be interpreted as PDF language, unlike the PostScript language, inherently requires random access to the file).

  • fixed problem in GhostscriptRasterizer and GhostscriptViewer when MediaBox contains negative llx or lly values. (problem reported by "Prasenjit Das").
  • added GhostscriptPngDevice, a friendly output device class with all png devices related switches. (GhostscriptPngDevice supports: png16m, pngalpha, pnggray, png256, png16, pngmono, pngmonod).
  • added GhostscriptJpegDevice, a friendly output device class with all jpeg devices related switches. (GhostscriptJpegDevice supports: jpeg, jpeggray).
  • extended GhostscriptProcessor.StartProcessing method to support GhostscriptDevice base class as StartProcessing parameter.
  • for each constructor / method that requires GhostscriptVersionInfo parameter, now there is one more constructor / method available with a same functionality but without a need to pass GhostscriptVersionInfo parameter. This new constructors and methods automatically retrieves and use last installed Ghostscript version.
  • added new samples to the Ghostscript.NET.Samples project (AddWatermarkSample, ProcessorSample, DeviceUsageSample).

  • added GhostscriptViewer state handling (SaveState, RestoreState)
  • GhostscriptRasterizer constructor is extended in order to support usage of the existing GhostscriptViewer instance.
  • fixed problem while using a 32-bit assembly with 32-bit version of Ghostscript on 64-bit Windows: It couldn't find a registry key of installed Ghostscript. Reported and fixed by "r0land".

  • implemented EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) support for the GhostscriptViewer.
  • added GhostscriptRasterizer class which provides ability to easily export PDF pages, PostScript pages and EPS files to the System.Drawing.Image object in the memory. For each page different x and y dpi settings can be set.
  • fixed gsapi_stdin callback and it's value passing to the ghostscript library.
  • added ProgressiveUpdate property to the GhostscriptViewer class so progressive update can be controlled outside the library.

  • implemented StopProcessing method in the GhostscriptProcessor class which allows us to terminate gsapiinitwith_args call in the multithread environment.
  • fixed GhostscriptViewer ZoomIn and ZoomOut problem on the systems where windows region and language settings has number decimal symbol set to comma.
  • added page navigation and zoom checker properties to the GhostscriptViewer class.
  • fixed problem in GhostscriptViewer class when trying to view PostScript files without DSC header.
  • GhostscriptProcessor.Process method name changed to StartProcessing.
Also check out Ghostscript Studio (

  • implemented multi-page PostScript support for the GhostscriptViewer
  • included Microsoft.WinAny.Helper code files in order to have a single dll for the deployment
  • added Processing event to the GhostscriptProcessor class (with CurrentPage and TotalPages info)
  • added zoom-in and zoom-out functionality
  • fixed ImageMemoryHelper.Set24bppRgbImageColor function when stride size is not multiple of 3 bytes
  • fixed displayed page size
  • implemented progressive display update while ghostscript is drawing / rasterizing, now a custom update interval can be set in GhostscriptViewer class.
  • fixed problem when using 64-bit ghostscript library where raster (stride) line size is not equal to 32-bit ghostscript library raster line size.
  • changed GhostscriptViewer class event logic.
  • changed Ghostscript.NET.Viewer application in order to show progressive update.
  • modified Ghostscript.NET.DisplayTest, now it uses GhostscriptViewer class with ability to interpret postscript and display standard input output messages.

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