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open.Raster from memory yields overflow error

For some reason, in my production (but not my dev) environment, when I try to do this: private Ghostscript.NET.GhostscriptVersionInfo _version = Ghostscript.NET.GhostscriptVersionInfo.GetLastInsta...

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JPG file after rasterizing from PDF contains strange characters

Hi, I'm using GhostscriptRasterizer class to convert PDF file to jpg. After converting file in picture is visible not same characters as in PDF file. This is code that I use to convert pdf: pri...

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Error in opening pdf

When i try to open pdf which file name contains non-standard characters (for example Polish ą ę ł ż) - i get an error. When i review source code - i saw that file name is converted to utf8 and thes...

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Printer Dialog Showing

Hi, I'm using the latest NuGet of GS.Net ( 1.2.1 ) and I think I have all the parameters correct but it still keeps showing the dialog. If I run the command (that I log ex: bellow ) in the cmd wit...

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Trying to open pdf using GhostscriptViewer

Using WPF .net 4.5, making the following call: GhostscriptViewer viewer; GhostscriptVersionInfo gsVersion = GhostscriptVersionInfo.GetLastInstalledVersion( Ghostscrip...

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GhostScript process dies after opening a PDf file

I am having an error when i try to close/dispose the "GhostscriptRasterizer" after opening a PDF and creating a image. I get this error "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often...

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GhostscriptRasterizer process dies if feed a bad pdf regardless of try catch

using (var rar = new GhostscriptRasterizer()) { try { //WARNING: this process will fail if its not a ...

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not compatible with dotnet 2.0

The binary requires the dotnet 4.0 framework runtime to function, System.IO.Pipes usage prevents recompiling as a dotnet 2 dll without modification.

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Trying to open file in GhostScript rasterizer

I'm trying to implement your method from here Rasterize to allow me to rasterize pdf into collection of images. When I try to open pdf file _rasterizer.Open(inputPdfPath, _lastInstalledVersion, fa...

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Incorrect path for GhostScriptViewer

Using the sample of GhostScriptViewer i've noticed that there are some paths that make GhostScriptViewer throw a FormatException (because it's trying to cast a string as a page number, whereas the ...

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